and Subtitling

We produce Slovak and Czech audio versions of audio-visual works /AVD/, as well as subtitling. We make effective use of our professional and technical knowledge while contributing to reaching the set goals to produce a localized sound version.

Localization and mix only for you. Our company has four recording studios equipped with the latest technology, including recording AVD in 5.1 sound.

We can also provide other services

such as professional technical advice in the production of the localized audio version, effective communication with contractual partners for which the production is carried out, including the agreement on technical quality, type of media, number of records made, production activities related to Slovak production. 

Audio versions, searching for potential collaborators, performers, such as dubbing actors, directors, translators and editors who participate in the production of the Slovak audio version, assessing the cost-effectiveness of cooperation with third parties for whom Slovak audio versions are produced regarding the production costs and the agreed price for production, advertising and translation activities.

A crucial benefit is our employees' stable long-term team, allowing us to keep our main company values, such as quality, professionalism, and fair cooperation. In our studios, we offer top-notch location services and an individual approach.


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