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About Us

IFC Media („IFC“) is a one of the major commercial broadcast entertainment and media company in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. The group’s operations encompass entertainment production, content and Pay TV distribution, television broadcasting and satellite tv production. We operate several pay-TV channels for kids, sports, music and adults in various markets in CEE. The Company has been operating in the region since 2009.

IFC Media is also leader in the distribution of linear pay-TV channels and content on the Czech and Slovak markets. The key to our success is that we pay special attention to contact with cable providers, building and maintaining good relationships. We believe it is important that we meet the needs of cable operators as much as possible so that their success and satisfaction guarantee the success of our distributed channels. In addition to selling our own channels, we distribute other channels in our regions that we cover. Our vision is to anticipate, meet the needs and requirements of our partners/operators and ensure an increase of revenue from the distribution of media companies, that are expanding into new territories or new distribution platforms, as well as fullfil the needs of fighting against illegal TV recieving and distribution of our programs. We always search for growth of segments in media and paid TV, content and advertising.










20. 6. 2019

Arena Sport has earned rights to broadcast of Formula E.

The station is supposed to exclusively broadcast all the races of electrically powered racing cars, which are under the auspices…

20. 6. 2019

Auto Motor Sport HD has surpassed half a million subscribers in CZ and SK

Auto Motor Sport HD, whose Czech mutation is operated by IFC Media, reports over five hundred thousand subscribers on the…

20. 6. 2019

Travelxp HD started on Skylink platform

In the offer of satellite platform Skylink appeared a new documentary channel Travelxp HD focused on travel documents. Travelxp HD…


Why collaborate with IFC Media

We carefully select for you the world’s most popular linear TV programs and content that we localize with dubbing or subtitles. Why laboriously search for content when you can choose from over 40 linear TV programs, documentaries and other attractive content? In addition, we are constantly expanding our offer and adapting to the latest trends. You can watch our linear TV programs with every good TV provider, as standard on TV, but also on your mobile devices, and enjoy your favorite TV programs, sports, documentary also on the go. Every day you will enjoy sports, music, news, travel, kids or erotic / porn channels. Our team is working to continually improve our portfolio of linear TV programs to bring attractive, content-relevant linear TV programs in your local language to your homes, offices, companies and hotels. IFC Media is a partner for the most demanding TV service providers. Contact us and we will be happy to help you build your customized program offer.



Complex service for
  paid TV programs
  including their sale
  and marketing.

Language localization
  of television programs
  and local dealership.

Production of Live streams, mostly the streamings of sport events.

Negotiations with paid TV platforms about inclusion into our program offer.

Negotiations about distribution of paid TV programs in hotels, hospitals, STA, and others.



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