Tv RiK

The RiK TV channel is dedicated for children and their parents. It brings 24 hours of non-stop fairy tales, fairy tale movies and series every day, as well as children's play and animated work.

About the channel

It is certainly an attraction for the Slovak viewer that it broadcasts in the Slovak language, which makes it easier for the younger children to learn and develop their vocabulary. The aim of the blue parrot called RiK is not just to entertain children so that they can fulfill their free time. In addition to a lot of fun, it also brings creative work and education, which it offers to children in a cheerful and playful way.
It develops their imagination and creativity. Parrot RiK wants to teach children what is good, appropriate and fair and how to behave nicely. It highlights societal values and diversity. It does not show violence, which is enough around children everywhere, but cooperation, understanding and the promotion of social values.

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